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Blue & Orange Gardens – Complementary Color Schemes

Blue & Orange Gardens - Farmside Landscape & Design

Blue & Orange Gardens – Complementary Color Schemes

Think of the beauty of coral against a turquoise sea, or warm adobe against a brilliant blue desert sky, and you’ll understand why orange and blue make such a perfect complementary color pairing for your outdoor space. When working with color in the garden, be sure to include enough plants to make a visual statement – cluster at least 3-5 individual plants of a single color together and consider repeating color patterns throughout your landscape, including containers. Pop some brilliant Orange Emperor nasturtiums in vivid blue hanging containers, or vibrant Royal Orange Gerbera daisies in turquoise blue window boxes. Check out the following plant varieties:

Orange & Blue Garden Plants - Farmside Landscape & Design

Photo taken at Farmside Gardens


Orange Colored Garden Plantings

Orange Annuals

  • Marigold “Moonsong”
  • Nasturium “Orange Emperor”
  • Poppies “Harvest Moon”
  • Gerbera Daisy “Royal Orange”


Orange Perennials

  • Day Lilies “Mauna Loa”
  • Ranunculus “Orange Crush”
  • Azalea “Mandarin Lights”
  • Red Hot Poker “Orange Blaze”


Orange Shrubs

  • Lantana “Orange Marmalade”
  • Butterfly Weed “Asclepias Tuberosa”


Orange Ground Covers

  • Mojave® Tangerine Portulaca
  • Gelato Orange Ice Plant
Orange & Blue Gardens - Farmside Landscape & Design

Photo taken at Farmside Gardens


Blue Colored Plantings For Your Garden

Blue Annuals

  • Bachelor Buttons “Cornflower Dwarf”
  • Cynoglossum Amabile “Blue Showers”
  • Didiscus Caerulea “Lacy Blue”


Blue Perennials

  • Loddon Royalist Anchusa
  • Big Blue Sea Holly
  • Perennial plumbago (Ceratostigma plumbaginoides)
  • Delphinium “Sunny Skies”
  • Nepeta “Walker’s Low”
  • Anchusa Azurea “Alkanet”
  • Globe Thistle “Tennis Balls”
  • Salvia “Blue Hill”


Blue Colored Shrubs

  • Hydrangea “Rhythmic Blue”
  • Juniper “Wichita Blue”


Blue Groundcovers

  • Blue Star Creeper


Main image photo taken at Farmside Gardens.