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Purple Gerardia

Purple Gerardia - Farmside Landscape & Design

Purple Gerardia

Purple Gerardia (Agalinis purpurea) also known as Purple False Foxglove is a native annual herb that re-seeds itself in the home garden. When you think of pretty wildflowers dotting the landscape, Purple Gerardia fits this role beautifully.


The tubular flowers are about an inch long, with finely-fringed petals that give the blooms a fuzzy appearance. The flowers come in shades of pink or purple with white throats that have pinkish-purple spots. The plants produce abundant blooms in late summer to fall, serve as a larval host for butterflies and attract beneficial pollinators like bees. It grows to a height of about 18”-24.”


Although it tolerates most soils, Purple Gerardia thrives in moist, acidic, sandy or peaty soils in a sunny to lightly shady sites. Dark green leaves showcase the softly-hued petals, making this plant a beautiful addition to native, naturalized and woodland gardens.


Main Image Photo Credit: Wikipedia – Agalinis Purpurea, Purple Gerardia