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National Seed Swap Day

National Seed Swap Day - Farmside Landscape & Design

National Seed Swap Day

Happy National Seed Swap Day!


Gearing up for your spring garden? What better way to kickstart your planting season than by introducing some new specimens to your soil!


The first official national seed swap day was held on January 26th,2006 in Washington D.C and is now celebrated by avid gardeners across the country preparing their next planting endeavors. The intention of National Seed Swap day is for gardeners to share some of their prized plant’s seeds to improve diversity of the plant in their local area.


It may be hard to find an in-person seed swap event this year but that does not limit your swapping opportunity! There are many Facebook Seed Swap groups to join, you can follow #seedswap tags on Instagram, or browse through your ‘Nextdoor’ Neighbors and Community pages to get in on the fun!