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5 Amazingly Easy Steps to Develop Your Spring Landscape Plan!

Spring Landscaping TipsSpring has finally arrived in our area and it’s about time! After months of freezing temperatures, shoveling snow and scraping ice, the first peeks of buds blooming, birds chirping and warm sun are more than welcome. It’s also a time when melted snow uncovers some of the unsightly after-effects of winter; broken shrub branches, road grit on your lawn, piles of dead leaves packed beneath shrubs and in gardens.

Now that the great weather is finally here, you need an action plan that gets your yard in shape fast, so you can enjoy these beautiful days! Here’s a 6-step plan that will get your yard ready for the season.Spring Landscape Tips 2

  1. Your first priority is to prune any large shrubbery that needs to be trimmed. This is important since early spring is a time when shrubs are still dormant and able to sustain heavy pruning and will benefit from rejuvenation pruning. The window of time for pruning shrubs is short, so make this step a priority. (Common shrubs that benefit from pruning include burning bushes and spireas.).
  2. Second, is to clean away grit from your lawn and driveway. In addition to looking unattractive on your lawn, grit gets tracked into your house and can damage your lawn mowing equipment.
  3. Step three is to re-establish bed edges and mulching around the property. Take a spade or a flat shovel and make the edges deep so they can hold mulch and look aesthetically pleasing. Mulch helps maintain moisture for you garden plants as well as adding a finished look to your landscape.
  4. Fourth, brighten up your landscape with some seasonal color! A good early springtime flower to try are pansies – tuck them in your garden beds or put them in pots and place them around your home’s exterior.
  5. Lastly- start planning for your outdoor living space! Whether you’ve been dreaming about a patio, pool or something as simple as a cool fire pit, now’s the perfect time to start getting estimates and plans for your project so work can be done in the spring or early summer leaving you plenty of time in the season for you to enjoy your outdoor space!

Springtime Landscape TipsPressed for time? Here at Farmside we offer full spring cleanup services, from rejuvenation pruning to garden bed edging and cleaning up grit, so give us a call. As always, we provide top-notch customer service, unmatched quality and professionalism so you can check “spring yard clean up” off your to-do list, and focus more on enjoying your outdoor space!