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Blue Monochromatic Garden Color Ideas

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Blue Monochromatic Garden Color Ideas

A blue monochromatic (single hue) garden can provide your outdoor space with a sense of cool serenity, since the color blue evokes a sense of calm we associate with the open sky and sea. While it’s hard to find “true blues” in nature, (flowers tend to fall more into a blue-violet category) there are hybrids that now offer closer approximations to actual blue. Consider the following options to include in your yard:



  • Colorado Blue spruce
  • Blue Atlas Cedar



  • Blue Arrow Juniper
  • Blue Star Juniper
  • Hydrangea “Nikko Blue”



  • Sedum “Blue Carpet”
  • Blue Star Creeper
  • Lithodora “Grace Ward”
  • Veronica “Christy”



  • Nepeta “Purrsian Blue”
  • Perennial Grass “Blue Fescue”
  • Euphorbia “Blue Haze”
  • Blue Balloon Flower
  • Big Blue Sea Holly



  • Lobelia “Blue Cascade”
  • Dusty Miller
  • Leonora Widow’s Tears
  • Agapanthus “Summer Love Blue”
  • Loddon Royalist Anchusa
  • Evolvulus “Blue My Mind”
  • Salvia “Playin’ the Blues”


Main Image Credit: Proven Winners – Astra Double Blue Balloon Flower Platycodon Hybrid