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Making Your Dream Garden a Reality

Making Your Dream Garden a Reality

IMG_1501Is there anyone who isn’t looking forward to spring this year after the winter we’re having? You don’t have to be a professional gardener to love finding gardening catalogs and magazines with their brilliant, glossy blooms and breathtaking outdoor “rooms” in your snow capped mailbox – it’s like getting a surprise bouquet of flowers when you need them most! There’s something soul soothing about peering through the pages, dreaming of new ideas for your outdoor space with a hot cup of tea after you’ve finished shoveling yet another 6 inches of “possible flurries” from the walkway.

Being cooped-up indoors because of the weather reminds me of how important a part our outdoor space plays to enjoying our home to its fullest. I think there’s a greater appreciation today of how our outdoor spaces have become extensions of our homes – more than just yards that came with the houses.

Outdoor kitchens with kitchen gardens, pool areas with entertainment patios, contemplative water gardens – there are so many options available today that figuring out what you’d like for your own home can seem intimidating. Where to start? Here are some thoughts;

IMG_3071Get a folder and start a collection of ideas for your outdoor living space. Choose images that resonate with you from your catalogs and magazines. Don’t censor yourself at all right now. It doesn’t matter if you’re drawn to an image of lush fruit trees in a California orchard and you live here in New Jersey on a busy main street, or if you have your eye on that adobe patio with the cacti garden that exists in Arizona. These images hold clues to what matters most to you.

Next, get some Post-Its and write how you would “function” in each image you’ve selected. For instance, for your fruit orchard you might write, “I come out every morning and pick my breakfast,” or for your adobe patio it might be “I hold impromptu gatherings with friends and family.” You’re on a fact-finding mission to discover what you’re craving your outdoor space to be.

Once you have a collection of garden room ideas and how you would live in each of these spaces, we can help you take the next step towards turning your dream into your reality. Our certified landscape design experts will work with you to translate your vision into options suitable for your property. We’ll assess your space to identify your landscape’s natural strengths and weaknesses. Together, we’ll further refine your ideas and determine which elements are must-haves for you and which ones are wish list options based on your budget and time constraints.

IMG_1495We’ll then create a plan that marries the best of your vision and your landscape’s natural assets with the realities of the physical structure of your property and your financial needs. The plan for your dream is a roadmap to its reality. Before long, you’ll be reveling in a beautiful outdoor space that reflects who you are and what matters most to you.

Have fun in your exploration journey! Be sure to share some of your favorite landscape and garden images with us here. Here are a few of our own favorites.