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Monochromatic Color Palettes for the Garden – White

White Hydrangea - Farmside Landscape & Design

Monochromatic Color Palettes for the Garden – White

The understated elegance of an all-white garden lends it a sense of beauty and serenity that is timeless. While there may be more limited color variations found in white monochromatic gardens when compared to monochromatic palettes using other hues such as pink or purple, the end result can still be visually dynamic and textured. As an added bonus, with some well-placed lighting or open access to moonlight, you can also enjoy the luminous quality white offers as an evening garden. Add some beautiful highlights to your garden with these frosty favorites:



  • Himalayan Birch “Silver Shadow”
  • American Sycamore
  • White Poplar
  • Dogwood “Cloud 9”



  • Mock Orange “Illuminati Tower”
  • Oakleaf Hydrangea “Snow Queen”
  • Virginia Sweetspire “Little Henry”
  • Summersweet “Sugartina Crystalina”
  • New Jersey Tea
  • Fothergilla
  • Tea Rose “Sugar Moon”



  • Candytuft “Alexander’s White”
  • Sweet Alyssum “Carpet of Snow”
  • Groundcover Rose “White Meidiland”
  • Snow-in-Summer “Yo Yo”



  • Oriental Lily “Casa Blanca”
  • Japanese Anemone “Wild Swan”
  • Helleborus “Snowbells”
  • Shasta Daisy “Cream Puff”
  • Salvia “Bumblesnow”
  • Spike Speedwell “White Wands”



  • Verbena “White Out”
  • Superbells® White Calibrachoa
  • Love in a Mist “Miss Jekyll White”
  • Cosmos “White Knight”
  • Zinnia “White Wedding”
  • Achillea “Peter Cottontail”