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Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental Grasses | Farmside Landscape & Design

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are a wonderfully versatile addition to the garden. Available in a wide range of colors, heights and silhouettes, ornamental grasses are a stunning solution to many landscape challenges. Small, compact options such as Blue Fescue or California Meadow Sedge make a great garden border or substitute for turf grass, while tall, dense varieties can work as privacy screens for your yard. Easy to maintain, ornamental grasses help prevent soil erosion, are relatively pest-resistant and can withstand heat without much water requirement, making them a great choice for the environment, too. They make dramatic container plants (check out Fiber Optic Grass and Red Fountain Grass) and larger varieties are perfect as statement plantings in the landscape such as the popular Pampas Grass or North Wind Switchgrass.


There are evergreen varieties, but even those that go dormant for the winter provide 4-season interest—whether it’s the soothing sound of grasses rustling in a summer breeze, brilliant color changes in the fall, the architectural beauty of grasses covered in winter’s snow or the beauty of backlit grasses on a sunny late afternoon in spring.


Here are some other wonderful grasses to consider for your landscape:


  • Mexican Feather Grass – Graceful with a waterfall-like shape, the silky spikes move effortlessly in the slightest breeze – See more at
  • Japanese Blood Grass – Leaves start out green with tinges of red and as the plant matures, transforms into brilliant crimson.
  • Maiden Grass – Green and white stripe blades in spring boast toast-colored tufted flowers in late summer/early fall—a favorite of birds.
  • Pink Muhly Grass – Late summer is when this plant really shines, bursting into candy pink plumes for a spectacular garden show.
  • Rabbit’s Tail Grass – Like the name implies, this grass has puffy little plumes that look like bunny tails! They turn a rich cocoa in the fall and can be used in dried floral arrangements – see more at
  • Zebra Grass – Dotted with bits of yellow on vibrant green blades, Zebra Grass looks like sunlight is always dancing through it’s leaves, even on rainy days.


Visit our friends at proven winners and check out some more grass varieties that are available:


Want to explore some creative options of adding ornamental grasses to your landscape? Call us here at Farmside—we’re here to help!