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Pink Monochromatic Gardens

Cherry Blossom Trees - Farmside Landscape & Design

Pink Monochromatic Gardens

A monochromatic color palette includes various shades and tints of a single color, and a pink monochromatic garden offers one of the greatest options when it comes to a varied color and plant selection. Pink is a color that is abundant in nature, from the palest blush to deep, vibrant rose. A garden with a monochromatic pink color palette provides a calming visual oasis for the senses with tonal diversity for added interest. There are plenty of plant options available for this hue. Here are some of our favorites:


Beautiful Cherry Blossom Trees - Farmside Landscape & DesignTrees

  • Kwanzan Cherry
  • Crabapple “‘Robinson”
  • Flowering Dogwood “Rubra”
  • Magnolia “Jane”
  • Red Horse Chestnut
  • Eastern Redbud
  • Crepe Myrtle “Pink Velour”



  • Pink Weigela “Sonic Bloom”
  • English Rose “Anne Boleyn”
  • Hydrangea “Strawberry Shake”
  • Azalea “Electric Lights”



  • Phlox “Pink Flame”
  • Creeping Thyme “Pink Chintz”
  • Lamium “Pink Pewter”


Cherry Blossom Tree - Farmside Landscape & DesignPerennials

  • Pink Muhly Grass “Pink Cloud”
  • Peony “Sarah Bernhardt”
  • Coral Bells “Flores Sea”
  • Hyssop “Morello”
  • Pink Astilbe
  • Hollyhock “Henry VIII-Pink”



  • Petunia “Hot Pink Cascade”
  • Cosmos “Pinkie”
  • Zinnia “Raspberry Ripple”
  • Snapdragon “Potomac Pink”