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Violet Colored Gardens – Monochromatic Garden

Lavender - Farmside Landscape & Design

Violet Colored Gardens – Monochromatic Garden

If you’re looking to create an outdoor space that feels especially soothing, consider designing a monochromatic (single hue) garden using the color violet. There’s a lovely, serene, balanced quality to violet-hued, monochromatic gardens. Think of fields of lavender, mounds of sweet little violets or cascades of lilac and wisteria – beautiful, charming and enchanting. Be sure to add any of these captivating choices to your outdoor space.



  • Purple Leaf Plum



  • Lilac “Bloomerang”
  • Wisteria “Caroline”
  • Smokebush “Royal Purple”



  • Vinca/Common Periwinkle
  • Lamium “Orchid Frost”
  • Creeping Thyme “Purple Carpet”



  • Lavender “Sweet Romance”
  • Belleflower “Birch Hybrid”
  • Iris “Caeser’s Brother”
  • Catmint “Cat’s Meow”
  • Baptisia “Purple Smoke”



  • Calibrachoa “Holy Smokes”
  • Sweet Alyssum “Blushing Princess”
  • Purple Geranium
  • Morning Glory


Main Image Credit: Sweet Romance® Lavender – Proven Winners