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Going Green – Living Wall Landscapes

Living Walls Farmside Landscape & Design

Going Green – Living Wall Landscapes

Living Walls Lobby Farmside Landscape & Design

Image courtesy of Raimondi Horticultural Group, Inc.

With living walls, cultivating a beautiful landscape takes on a whole other dimension—vertical! These stunning gardens appear in both exterior and interior spaces for residential and commercial properties. Design options are limitless, from traditional espaliers to modern moss “graffiti,” to functional kitchen herb walls, multi-hued plant “paintings” and more.


Whether a living wall is used strictly for design purposes or also includes a practical aspect such as screening, one thing is certain; plants enhance our lives, both at home and in public spaces—especially at work. Consider the following research:


  • Problem solving skills, ideation and creative performance improve in workspaces that include plants. (Texas A&M University 2007)
  • Plants contribute to higher ROI by their positive impact on employee retention and recruitment. 40% of people said their decision to join or stay at a company would be influenced by their environment. (ASIS Report – What Motivates Employees)
  • People are healthier where plants are present. People have 60% fewer sick days if there are indoor plants. (Journal of Environmental Horticulture).
  • Workers experienced a 30-60% reduction in stress levels when they had plants throughout their workplace.
  • Studies from NASA note that “Plants absorb and break down the most harmful of indoor chemicals through their leaves to create a healthy indoor ecosystem. Just three plants in a room can vastly improve the air in the space.”


Living Walls Design Farmside Landscape & Design

Image courtesy of Raimondi Horticultural Group, Inc.

The focus on creating a seamless integration between nature and our constructed environments is known as Biophilic Design. “Biophilia,” (meaning love of life or living systems) is a term used in a book by the same name from Pulitzer Prize winning biologist Edwin O Wilson, used to describe “the connections that human beings subconsciously seek with the rest of life.” Wilson believed that our need to connect with nature is something intrinsic in our biology. The positive effects plants have on us certainly support this theory.


Want to learn more about living walls and how to incorporate them in your space? Contact us at Farmside Landscape & Design, today. We’ll help you explore all the possibilities in store!


All images contained within this post are courtesy of Raimondi Horticultural Group, Inc.