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Make a Splash With Your Pool

IMG_8276Are these hot summer days making you think about adding a pool to your home? With so many options to choose from today, here at Farmside Landscape & Design, we can help you install a pool that suits your needs, your budget and your home’s landscape. Think it’s too late? Begin your planning and budgeting now to establish the timeframe that will meet your needs and expectations.

A pool is a considerable investment for most homeowners with a myriad of considerations. That’s why working with an experienced professional is a must. Understanding the many construction elements that go into a pool (grading, which types of building materials to use, necessary support structures, etc.) is, of course, a key part of the job, but so are elements such as creating a design that complements your home and incorporating appropriate landscape plantings.

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed – we’ll help you every step of the way. To get started, you may want to think about some of the following considerations to help you hone in on what you want most from your pool:

  • pool1cHow do you plan on using your pool? Do you have kids? Dogs? (vinyl liners, imported tiles and water features may not be for you).
  • Are you planning on using it more for entertainment? (underwater seating, and an ample non-slip surround area might be of value).
  • Would you like to use it for exercise? ( a classic rectangular shape is perfect for laps).
  • Are you looking at a pool as an investment to complement your home’s design? (free form shapes with integrated water features can create a natural look and feel to your pool seamlessly blending into your exterior landscape).
  • Are you familiar with your town’s regulations regarding pools? (fencing requirements, depth/size restrictions, etc.)
  • Have you considered any additional homeowner’s insurance you may need once you’ve added a pool?
  • How do you plan on maintaining your pool? (Pool service? Self-maintenance?).
  • Where in your yard are you thinking about locating the pool? Are there a lot of trees? All day sun? Do you want some kind of privacy screen to block your neighbor’s view?

pool2Gathering images of pools you like – either online or from magazines – is also a helpful way to uncover what you’re looking for in a pool. Don’t limit yourself to a particular look or style at first – pick images of pools that appeal to you for a variety of reasons. Fine tuning your choices can come later.

Share your favorite pool pics with us!