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Full Service Landscape Maintenance Plans

Full Service Landscape Maintenance Plans - Farmside Landscape & Design

Full Service Landscape Maintenance Plans

Our full service landscape maintenance plan gives you back your weekends – Even the most carefree landscape design requires a certain amount of maintenance to keep it looking its best. And maybe mowing your lawn, trimming shrubs and laying down mulch isn’t your idea of weekend fun. So why not take your weekends back and let Farmside handle all your landscaping maintenance needs?


With our Full Service Landscape Maintenance plan, we’ll handle both your spring and fall seasonal clean ups – clearing away leaves and debris, getting garden beds ready for spring planting and winter dormancy, weed treatment and prevention, mulching, pest control, edging and more. You’ll receive up to 6 weeks of leaf and debris cleanup and removal as part of our fall seasonal maintenance.


Our lawn care includes keeping your grass neat, trimmed and looking green and healthy through proper pest and weed control, fertilization and edging that leaves you with a crisp, well-cared for green carpet for your home.


Pruning and trimming includes up to three visits to trim and maintain your shrubs, with the last visit including a final cut back for the season for all grasses and perennials. We’ll also trim garden beds and maintain their edges throughout the year.


Call us or Contact Us today to set up an annual Landscape Maintenance Plan for your property and spend your weekends enjoying your yard instead of working in it!


Full Service Landscape Maintenance Plan - Farmside Landscape & Design

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