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Gorgeous Groundcovers

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Gorgeous Groundcovers

Want an addition to your landscape that’s beautiful, hardworking and low maintenance? Think groundcovers! Whether peeking from tiny patio crevices or blanketing a swath of your garden with color, versatile groundcovers take on a host of garden challenges and look good doing so.


Groundcovers can halt soil erosion, stifle weed growth, and maintain soil moisture and nutrients. They’re beneficial to the environment and cost saving, requiring less water and pesticides than turf grass. Got a shady spot where grass won’t grow? There’s a groundcover for that. Need something fast growing? Check. How about something fragrant? Yes. Evergreen? Another yes. Can groundcovers do no wrong? Well, actually they can. Some “fast growers” graduate to “invasive” quickly and can take over an area fast. Boston Ivy, Japanese Honeysuckle and Bishop’s Weed belong in this category. If you have large, bare areas you want quickly filled, they’ll do the job, but they won’t be gracious neighbors to other plants. Instead, consider these great choices for your landscape:

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  • Blue wood sedge (Carex flaccosperma): 6″ to 12;” blue-green grassy foliage; part to full shade
  • Moss phlox ‘Emerald Blue’ (Phlox subulata): 4″ to 6;” mats of evergreen foliage with blue spring flowers; full sun
  • Two-row stonecrop ‘John Creech’ (Sedum spurium): 3″ to 6;” low evergreen mat with pink flowers in late summer; full sun to part shade
  • Creeping Thyme (fragrant) (Thymus serpyllum): 1” to 2” with oval, evergreen leaves and intensely fragrant lilac, pink-purple, magenta or white flowers.


For more ideas, call us here at Farmside Landscape and Design. We’ve got you covered when it comes to groundcovers.