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Beautiful Lawn for Summer Picnics, Lawn Games and Backyard BBQs

Summer picnics, lawn games, and backyard BBQs – just some of the fun that we hope you have been enjoying and will continue to enjoy on your outdoor carpet.   Keeping your lawn healthy is important as we move into the hot summer months.  Making sure you have the proper balance of water, fertilizations, weed, insect and disease controls will help ensure your carpet stays healthy. We would like to share a link that contains some helpful lawn care tips to keep your turf healthy and strong.

Remember, you’re not on your own, the experts at Farmside with over 25 years of experience,  can help you by providing a lawn care service that will meet your needs.     Feel free to contact us for more information.

Beautiful lawn for your summer picnics, lawn games, and backyard BBQs!