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A Message From The Farmside Team

From Our Team at Farmside Landscape

A Message From The Farmside Team

To Our Valued Farmside Client Family,


Spring is here, providing a welcome awakening of new beginnings – that is reliable and certain in such uncertain times.  While our team is geared up and excited about the new season, we understand this spring will be different than ever before, and we want to update you on the latest at Farmside Landscape.


The Covid-19 information that is being provided on a daily, sometimes hourly basis, requires serious attention and tremendous flexibility as we adopt decisions that are made in the best interest of our team and community. We’re watchful, doing our best to keep a finger on the pulse of these updates, and committed to communicating with our team and customers.  Here is what we’re doing as a company:


“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” - Audrey Hepburn


We are continuing business as usual, but with some new norms that include the hygienic and socially-responsible recommendations being provided by the CDC. We’re having daily huddles to provide teams with updates and sanitizing supplies as needed, and our office, design and landscape sales teams are working remotely and practicing social distancing. We’re providing virtual meetings for both new and existing customers and measuring sites with online tools. We’re showing up for work and going straight home. And we’re doing our best to keep a finger on the pulse of daily updates.


Landscaping is considered an essential services business, which means that our services are considered imperative in supporting public health and safety during times of crisis. As long as there is work, and we all know spring provides an abundance of work in maintaining and enhancing landscapes, we will continue uninterrupted.


If you are in need of help, please let us know. Our hearts are heavy due to the sudden and significant health and financial burdens being experienced by so many people across the world, our country, and within our communities. For the most vulnerable in our community, including people age 60+ as well as those with medical conditions, please let us know if there is a way we can assist.  We’re all in this together, and small acts of service by each of us will create a big impact in our communities.


You can contact us via phone (973-875-7200) or email ( You can also send a text to 201-522-2892 and a member of our team will be in touch to assist as best we can.


We are grateful for our Farmside Family and value our relationship and community during these trying times.


Take care of yourselves, your families, and those around you!


With Hope for tomorrow,


Miles and Lisa Kuperus
& the Farmside Team