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Arbor Ardor: For the Love of Trees

tree blog-3They bring me flowers every spring, canopy me in cool shade during the dog days of summer, take my breath away with brilliant color in fall, and quiet me with their stark beauty in winter. How could anyone not love trees?

A well-landscaped yard with trees can raise property values by as much as 15 percent. There is also a direct correlation between the amount of trees and landscaping that a business district has and the amount of customer traffic it generates; more equals more!

But in case you needed further convincing, here are some more wonderful attributes of trees:

Nothing Shady about Shade – We all know that trees provide shade, but did you know that in turn, trees can help keep your home and your city cooler? Trees can cool a city street by up to 10o F and cut air conditioning needs for a single family home by as much as 50%. In addition to providing a physical barrier from the sun, trees release water vapor through their leaves which helps cool the atmosphere.

tree blog-2Green Scene – Trees take the lead when it comes to combatting harmful greenhouse gases – the kind that destroy our ozone layer. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and in turn, release oxygen into the air. Studies have shown that a single acre of mature trees can provide enough oxygen for 18 people.

Water Logged – Want to water your lawn less? Plant trees – their shade helps slow water evaporation from sunbaked lawns and increases atmospheric moisture.

Heavy, steady rains not only erode soil, but also contribute significantly to water pollution. Storm water runoff contaminates natural bodies of water. Trees provide a barrier to the damaging effects of heavy rainfall. They help to anchor the soil with their roots and slow water absorption into the ground by breaking the force of downpours, allowing water to more gently trickle off branches and run down tree trunks. Mulched trees help even more by further slowing down absorption so groundwater supplies can be replenished in addition to maintaining soil integrity.

tree blog-1Food For Thought – Did you know that a single apple tree in an urban yard can produce 15-20 bushels of fruit per year? Trees not only provide food for people, but for many other forms of wildlife and beneficial insects as well. They are a critical component to a balanced, healthy ecosystem.

Feel Better – Studies have shown that hospitalized patients who have views of trees and other natural elements heal from surgeries and illnesses more quickly and with fewer complications than those who don’t. Children with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder display fewer symptoms when they are in natural environments. Being exposed to trees and nature reduces stress and mental fatigue, thereby aiding relaxation and concentration.

Trees Make it Better: Part I – Ugly view? Trees can hide unsightly buildings, neglected lots and other undesirable views with their beautiful presence. Their lush, leafy branches muffle sound, quieting the urban drone of traffic, sirens, and densely populated streets. Furthermore, they provide shelter from wind, absorb irritating grit and dust and reduce glare from the sun.

Trees Make it Better: Part II – Trees provide so much for us and they do it beautifully! Their endless variety of shapes, sizes, structure, bark, leaf shape, function and color provide us with unlimited options in which to enjoy their aesthetic value. Here at Farmside, we can help you determine which types of trees would suit your particular property site best to ensure your satisfaction along with your tree’s health and longevity.