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Plant & Tree Care – Protect Your Landscape Investment

Plant & Tree Care – Protect Your Landscape Investment

Trees and Other Plantings

The advantages of well-maintained trees and plantings are many. Beyond aesthetics and increased property-values, trees and plants enhance our individual lives, and our lives as part of a community.

Personal Connection 

As human beings, we have a profound connection to nature and to trees. Studies have shown that patients recover more quickly from surgery when they can view trees and plants from their hospital rooms. We plant trees and plants such as roses as living memorials to commemorate our loved ones. Statistics have shown that trees and plants reduce workplace stress. Apartment buildings with trees and landscaping have less crime, and trees and flowers planted along roadways even help to calm people stuck in traffic.

Environmental and Economic Advantages

Trees especially are powerhouses for the environment. They improve air quality by absorbing pollutants, greenhouse gases, ozone and carbon monoxide and in turn exchange this into clean oxygen for us to breathe. Properly placed, trees can help moderate climate, providing shade and serving as wind breaks. Additionally, trees reduce storm water runoff.

The climate-moderating effect of trees help to reduce both cooling and heating costs when properly situated on a property. It is estimated that property values of landscaped homes are 5%-20% higher than non-landscaped properties.

Community Enhancement

Well landscaped, tree-lined public spaces also add value to commercial properties along with aesthetic appeal. Trees and plantings help to soften the look and feel of business developments, cooling paved streets, blocking unattractive views, complementing building architecture and helping to direct foot traffic.

The key to getting the most out of your landscape is ensuring you have the right trees and plants for your area, your property and for your particular needs. This is where Farmside can help you maximize your investment in your exterior landscape.

Getting Off to the Right Start

  • Trees and plantings can be a investment initially, but one that pays bigger dividends as time goes on. When creating a landscape plan for you, we take the following aspects into consideration:
  • Determining the best location for trees and plantings based on functionality (shade, providing or blocking a particular view, segmenting your property for activities such as outdoor dining, play areas or quiet spaces)
  • Assessing the amount of space available for trees and plantings
  • Gauging clearance for overhead and underground utilities
  • Tree and plant selection that best suit the natural elements of your property such as soil type and water drainage
  • Cost and maintenance levels you’re comfortable with

Good Maintenance Means Greater Value

It is a common misconception to think that once trees or shrubs are planted that they need nothing more than some pruning every now and then. Regular maintenance by professionals such as Farmside Landscape ensure that your trees and plantings are healthy, providing both preventative and restorative maintenance.

Like preventative healthcare for people, when problems are detected early in trees and plantings, serious (and costly) treatments and replacements can often be avoided. Here at Farmside, we provide proactive preventative maintenance that includes proper soil amendments and fertilizing, mulching, pruning and pest and disease prevention and control.

Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M) – Environmentally Sensitive Care

At Farmside Landscape we use Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) best practices for pest control. This is an environmentally sensitive approach that takes into account the natural life cycle of pests, their prevention, and treatment options that are highly effective but minimally impact the environment. For more serious infestations, the judicious use of problem-specific pesticide application to targeted areas can be employed.

With I.P.M., we take a proactive approach to pest prevention. This is accomplished through ensuring adequate air space around plantings, proper pH balance of soil, and nutrient rich soil that naturally houses beneficial organisms to prevent and/or eradicate pests. If pests do appear, we determine the specific species to ensure the most effective method for eradication with the least negative impact on the environment.