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The Importance of Watering

The Importance of Watering

Imagine this: Farmside Landscape just came in and created a beautiful landscape with lots of colors. You don’t want to loose this landscape to the hot heat of July, so you water it, but after a while you start to think that the plants are going to be “ok” so you stop, but then all of a sudden, the flower start to wilt, and get infected with bugs or disease because they are weakened.

This is a common case of not recognizing the importance of watering. Plants that are fragile such as annuals or newly planted plants especially need to have watering. But the key to this is finding the proper balance of water: too little water means that the plants will not thrive, too much however, means that the plants will drown or be prone to fungus’s and root rot. So follow these 4 “T’s” next time when you water.

Type of plant and location

  • If the plant is in a shadier spot then it will need less watering because the soil will be more moist
  • If the plant is in a hanging basket or pot, try to lift it up and see if it is heavy or not. If it is heavy, then don’t water it too much because you will drown the flowers.
  • If the plant is a larger plant such as a boxwood or a similar bush-like plant, a good watering (1-2 min./plant) twice a week will suffice

Time Spent

  • There is a temptation to really cruise through watering your landscape, but a little extra time will go a long way. Remember you have invested into the beautification of your property, and it is worth it
  • The amount of time spent will vary, but try to spend enough time around the plant until a little puddle surrounding the plant appears.


  • Newly planted trees need serious watering especially to get their roots going. We recommend that you water the tree 5 times a week for 2 weeks and for about 15 minutes, that way the water gets to the roots.


  • A common mistake for watering your grass is that there is too much done, and too frequently.
  • Make sure you water deeply, so about 1-1 1/2 inches of water once a week. This will reach the bottom of the root base of the lawn and not waste water. This includes natural rainfall.
  • Water in the late evening into morning (10pm to 8am) that way there is not water waste from evaporation
  • To summarize: deeply and infrequently to avoid disease and weeds.

So Water with Care!

Any questions or concerns – please do not hesitate to contact our Plant Health Care Specialist and Arborist Alex Francis or our Turf Care Specialist and Manager Rich Kalish.

Have a great day!