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Wonderful Weigela

Spilled Wine Weigela - Farmside Landscape & Design

Wonderful Weigela

Looking to add some dramatic flare to your landscape, but don’t want to take on a plant with “diva” characteristics?  Then look to add Weigela Spilled Wine® to your garden for big impact with little effort.


Weigela is an easy-to-care-for, deciduous shrub that blooms profusely in the spring and sporadically throughout the summer and fall. Some varieties of Weigela can grow quite large, but the Spilled Wine variety is not only compact, but also dramatically-hued. The leaves are a wavy, rich purple that deepen to near black by late summer, lending exotic flare to the landscape even when the plant isn’t flowering. When it is blooming , Weigela boasts an abundant of brilliant magenta tubular flowers – a favorite of hummingbirds (but not deer)!


The growth habit of this variety of Weigela is wider than it is tall, reaching a maximum height of between 2-3 feet and width of 3-4 feet at full maturity. Its manageable size makes it adaptable for use in a border or as a specimen plant and even a container plant with a little extra effort. Weigela thrives in full sun, with medium moisture needs. Fertilize in early spring with a slow-release fertilizer for shrubs and trees. Minimal pruning is needed, mostly to maintain shape, and should be done just after spring blooming. Flowers appear on old wood.


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Photo Credit: Monrovia – Spilled Wine® Weigela