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Momma and Pop’s Backyard

With this multi-stage project, the client had several goals: the first was to create a welcoming space to feed entertain a large amount of guests, secondly this project was prefaced by wanting the project to look like it was there for years and never happened and finally they wanted the landscape to flow seamlessly from exit of the house to pool entrance. This presented significant grading challenges and tree removal when prepping the site for pool and patio installation.


The design heavily emphasizes curves and space. As soon as you walk out the backdoor you are lead to the dining space, pool space or another patio space surrounded by boxwood hedges. The different areas of the patio promote different activities: One section promotes dining and the other a fireplace that can be enjoyed by many people on the patio.


The project includes an outdoor kitchen, a large paver patio leading into a beautiful broken flagstone patio surrounding the pool and hot tub. The highlights of this project include the cut bluestone cap for the seat wall surrounding the dining space, the large flagstone patio surrounding the pool and the custom made, on site, flagstone coping that was cut and chiseled by hand to ensure perfect curves and edges.