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5 Perfect Spring Perennials

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5 Perfect Spring Perennials

There’s something both exciting and comforting about seeing spring perennials each year. The first peek at little leaves or flower buds emerging is like the appearance of a dear friend you haven’t seen in a long while – joyous and familiar. Here are some spring perennials we’re always happy to see and that we think you’ll welcome in your garden, too.



Also known by the less attractive name “lungwort,” Pulmonaria is a must-have option for shade or partial shade areas. Deer and rabbit-resistant, it offers a profusion of flowers in an attractive mounding form, with beautiful foliage that makes this a double-duty beauty. Some varieties to consider:


  • Raspberry Splash – With abundant pink and purple blooms and a wonderful upright growth habit, Raspberry Splash adds marvelous color to the garden. Equally lovely is the plant’s silver-flecked leaves, reminiscent of dappled morning dew.
  • Twinkle Toes – Lavish, periwinkle-blue flowers emerge from rosy pink buds. Lush, dark green foliage, sprinkled with silver, brighten any shady spot in the garden.
  • Blue Ensign – The gorgeous, sapphire blue color of these flowers make it a striking option for borders, along with its uniform, dark, forest green foliage.



(False Indigo, Wild Indigo) This drought-tolerant, deer-resistant North American native is a delight in a border of a structured site or nestled within a wild garden. Upright stems hold lupine-like flower racemes amidst lovely blue-green, almost succulent-like leaves. While purple has been the most common color flower, varieties of Baptisia now include colors from creamy white, brilliant yellow, salmon pink to deepest heliotrope and multi-colored options. Dark seed pods appear in the fall, adding yet another layer of interest to the garden as well as a pleasing rattling sound when jostled by the wind.


Baptisia Australis

Is the “classic” Baptisia, with beautiful lavender blooms and waxy, bluish-green leaves.  Baptisia Australis was selected as one of the top 200 plants by the Royal Horticultural Society and was chosen as the plant of the year in 2010 by the Perennial Plant Association.


  • Carolina Moonlight – Highlights the garden with gorgeous, 18” spikes of soft, buttery-yellow flowers. Other beautiful yellow varieties include Yellow Towers, with flowers in a slightly richer yellow hue, Lemon Meringue with brilliant yellow blooms that strikingly contrast against charcoal grey stems and Lightning Rods that light up the garden with 20” spikes of creamy, pale yellow flowers.
  • Pink Lemonade is as refreshing looking as it sounds, with unique flowers that emerge as lemony-yellow buds which bloom into pink flowers that mature into a mauve-lavender hue, all on the same stalks.
  • Lunar Eclipse is another variety that shifts color, beginning with large creamy white flowers that mature into a brilliant violet-blue, adding celestial-like splendor to a night garden as well as the daytime landscape.
  • Cherries Jubilee – Bicolor blooms start off as deep burgundy flower buds that open to beautiful maroon petals with golden yellow centers and edges. Stunning as cut flowers.


Tickseed - Farmside Landscape & DesignCorydalis

A prolific bloomer that flowers non-stop from spring through fall, this self-sows to fill in spots in shady to partial shade sites. It attracts pollinators like butterflies but is resistant to deer and rabbits. Fern-like blue-green leaves add softness to a border or container garden.


  • Lutea – Bright yellow, locket-like flowers brighten up any shady garden space, requiring the most minimal of care.
  • Porcelain Blue – Lovely bluish foliage and masses of brilliant blue, bell-shaped flowers make this a stunning option for garden beds as well as large container plantings.
  • Purple Bird – Its compact size (4”-6″ mounds) makes this little stunner perfect for any garden or container with clouds of purple blooms over a wash of blue-green foliage.
  • Blue Panda – Prolific sky-blue flowers and fresh green foliage, brighten up shady spots in the garden adding a cool, oceanic wash of color.
  • Canary Feathers – Deep yellow feathery blooms stretch above silvery green foliage, with a lovely upright structure making these flowers a garden standout.





This groundcover perennial blankets well-drained slopes with frosty white blooms in its traditional varieties or brilliant colors in other cultivars. Perfect to drape over a stone wall or along a pathway to soften the edges of any hardscapes, it also looks brilliant in low, wide containers planted in a mass for a pop of color.

  • Iberis Snowsation –  And Little Gem are two varieties of Candytuft packed with small white flowers that almost glow against dark, shiny leaves, creating a snowy carpet when planted in a large swath.
  • Pink Ice – Offers beautiful blush-pink blooms that transforms even the simplest wall or walk into a romantic garden surround or pathway.
  • Purple Rain – Be sure to include these anywhere you’d like clouds of lavender blooms to be a part of your garden design. Simply stunning!



Creeping Phlox

Another great option for blanketing your landscape, rock garden or stone walls with color, as well as inviting pollinators like bees and butterflies. Creeping Phlox is a garden classic and its blooming a harbinger of spring.

  • Candy Stripe – White flowers with a distinctive pink stripe down the middle of each petal make this cheerful variety a brilliant addition to the garden.
  • Violet Pinwheels – The lovely blue-violet hue of this densely flowering variety looks stunning as a border planting.
  • Purple Beauty – If you like your purples a bit more on the pink side, opt for this lovely variety. Mix it with Violet Pinwheels for a stunning sweep of purple hues.
  • Red Carpet – The gorgeous rosey-red blooms of this magnificent variety is truly star-worthy.
  • Forever Pink – The solid blanket of brilliant pink this variety provides feels like the very essence of spring.


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