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Amazing Annuals for Planting

Beautiful Annual Plants - Farmside Landscape & Design

Amazing Annuals for Planting

There are so many wonderful features that annuals have, that they can virtually work for every landscape and household – here are some of the many pluses annuals offer:


Color – From brilliant white that glows in the moonlight to exotic black that adds drama to the landscape and virtually every hue in between, annuals come in every color imaginable, including multi-shades as well. Make a color statement by grouping them en masse or repeat smaller groupings to pull your garden look together.  Plus, you can switch things up from season to season and year to year to keep your landscape looking fresh.


Versatile – whether you’re starting a garden and need to fill in bare spots, or have an established garden that needs a dash of brilliance, annuals are an easy way to brighten up outdoor spaces. Even if you rent a home, it’s easy to add a few pots of flowers or a hanging basket to bring some color to your yard or entryway.


Summer Long Blooms – Bloom times for perennials can be limited – sometimes a few weeks and then the show’s over for the season. Most annuals bloom, grow and spread throughout the season for non-stop color.


Easy To Care For – At most, a little deadheading and a bit of fertilizer is all you need to keep your annuals blooming bountifully throughout the season. Annuals in pots can dry out more quickly than those planted in ground, so just be sure moisture levels are adequate.


Adaptable – Great for borders, filling in around perennials, shrubs and trees, containers, or hanging baskets, in dry soil, damp, sun or shade, annuals can fit in any space or growing condition.


Short on time? Call us at Farmside Landscape & Design. We can keep the color in your landscape coming with annuals throughout the growing season.