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Curb Appeal, Part II: 6 Tips For Increasing Curb Appeal

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Curb Appeal, Part II: 6 Tips For Increasing Curb Appeal

One of the most attractive elements of curb appeal is the thoughtful use of color. This can include the colors used on the house itself (siding, stone facades, steps, trim, shutters, roofing) surrounding elements (walkways, driveways, walls, fencing) landscape plantings (perennials, annuals) and decorative accessories (planters, window boxes and wreaths). Taking each of these elements into consideration when developing a color palette for your home’s exterior will ensure that your final curb appeal look will be eye-catching and cohesive, not loud or garish.


Start with the main color of your home as a jumping off point for developing a landscape/planting color palette, and be sure to consider features such as shutters as part of the whole exterior color picture or as additional color inspiration. You can refer to a basic color wheel, easily found online, to get ideas on monochromatic, complimentary, analogous, triad and other color palettes. Complimentary and triad color palettes are bolder and more visually energetic, while monochromatic and analogous palettes are softer with a more serene vibe.


Annuals – Annuals are the easiest way to bring nature’s brilliant colors right to your door.  Add them to existing garden beds along foundation plantings, cluster pots of them on your front porch/entryway, dot them in pots on your front steps and include them in hanging baskets. Repeating colors within your selection of annuals helps to create a balanced visual look. Short on space? Create a container garden that’s rich in color and texture for a beautiful focal point.


Planters/Containers – Consider the color, texture and style of the containers you use for planting your annuals and container gardens, whether you’re opting for a natural, organic feel or something sleek and contemporary. Sometimes the simplest of options can create stunning displays – bright yellow blooms in midnight navy containers or fire-y red flowers peeking from charcoal grey pots. For a look that’s pulled together, consider painting your containers the same color as your front door.


Wreaths – Simple or elaborate, a lovely garden wreath on the front door adds welcoming charm. Coordinate the color of it with the annuals and containers you have. Make sure your wreath is sheltered from the elements if it’s made from dried or synthetic materials or check out living natural wreaths such as succulents and herbs (be sure to keep these watered!).


Lighting – A well-lit entryway that includes your front door as well as illumination along walks and pathways add to creating a welcoming ambience. Including lights throughout garden beds and larger plantings add dimensional beauty to your outdoor scape, whether that’s the architectural drama of shadowed trees or soft luminescence of an all-white moon garden.


Accessories – Curb appeal is all about creating a look that says “Welcome,” so if you have the room to include accessories such as a porch swing, comfy chairs or garden settee, do it! Depending on your space and location you might also consider a small bird feeder or birdhouse or soft wind chimes to include some soothing sound. Don’t overdo it here – if you already have pots of flowers, wreaths and chairs, skip any more extras – you don’t want your entryway to look too busy or frenzied instead of friendly. Opt for restraint when in doubt, and give us a call here at Farmside Landscape and Design if you’d like us to take care of things for you.


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