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The Design Path to Walkways

Beautiful Walkway Design

The Design Path to Walkways

There are infinite options to consider when designing walkways—which are more than just a way to get from one place to another. A walkway offers direction and functions as a transition between spaces. It adds to the mood and style of your home while providing curb appeal.


Walkways, when combined with other hardscapes such as patios, can be an attractive alternative to traditional expanses of lawn. Whether straight and uniform, or undulating with varying widths, a beautiful walkway enhances your home’s exterior.


Along with unlimited design options, there’s a wide array of materials available with which to build your walkway. Included are concretes fashioned to look like stone, classic brick in a broad choice of colors, endless varieties of pavers, rugged natural stone, timeless bluestone and flagstone slabs – even grass “steps” and paths – are some of the many choices available to you.


Ready to take the next step and include a walkway (or more!) in your landscape? Contact us here at Farmside. We’ll work with you to explore the many different options available, including path lighting to ensure safety and to create the desired mood and best ambiance to complement your home.

Beautiful Walkway Design with Retaining Wall