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Farmside History

Over 25 Years

Farmside Landscape & Design, Inc. has specialized in landscape design and construction for over 25 years. The company President, Miles Kuperus grew up and worked on the dairy farm where our shop is located. After High School graduation, Miles decided to pursue the field of landscaping. From 1985-1989 Miles attended Landscape Architecture courses and continuing education seminars at Cook College Rutgers gaining more knowledge and skill in the landscape profession. In 1985, Farmside purchased its first truck, a gray Ford F100, and using helpers on as “as needed basis”, we installed basic plantings, walls and walks while Miles attended classes.

As time went on Farmside continued to “grow” through many changes.   Farmside was incorporated in 1989 and Lisa joined staff with Miles in 1990 and as co-owner in 1999.  As the years continued on our job sizes grew and we have increased our work force and equipment accordingly.  During our 1992 season, in response to a  landscape  contracting  customer’s  needs,  we  opened  our  maintenance  division  in  the summer, to service that one customer.  In 1999 Farmside added a new division to include a Tree and Shrub Plant Health Care Program in our services. Farmside as a ‘Full Service Landscape Contractor’ has currently expanded to serving over 200 accounts annually with a maintenance crew, detail crew, Turf Management crew, Plant Health Care Crew, and Design/Build/Installation Crew.

In conclusion, as we reflect on how Farmside has changed and grown over the years the most important part of Farmside is its foundation in Christian Biblical principles and ethics.  Daily we strive to live and run our business following these guidelines.  As stewards in God’s world the landscaping profession gives us a unique opportunity to serve God in being “hands-on” stewards of the earth he has entrusted in our care.

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