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Colorful Crocus

Yellow Crocus in Snow | Farmside Landscape & Design

Colorful Crocus

Sometimes popping their little purple, yellow or cream-hued blooms through the snow, Crocus (Rocus Sativus or Saffron Crocus) are one of the first flowers to bloom each spring. These carefree bulbs easily naturalize, multiplying to produce a carpet of color for the early spring landscape. Bees are drawn to their rich pollen, and humans prize the golden filaments that grow inside the flower from which we get the spice, saffron.


Crocuses are stemless, emerging directly from the soil in tandem with their foliage. Each bulb produces several blossoms in quick succession. While snow and ice can damage crocus blossoms that have already opened, this won’t affect the health of the bulb or their future flowering.


They prefer a well-drained soil in a sunny to partially shady location. Because they flower and die back before most trees have leafed out, you can plant them in areas that would be shady in the summer. These little blooms can be tucked into the front of perennial beds, rock gardens, and near the edge of walkways and paths for some early spring color.


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