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Fabulous Forsythia

Forsythia - Farmside Landscape & Design

Fabulous Forsythia

Forsythia is a beloved deciduous shrub that welcomes spring with sprays of sunny yellow blooms. While it thrives in good, loose soil, Forsythia is quite adaptable, almost effortless to care for and able to withstand city conditions such as air pollution. It doesn’t require heavy pruning and appreciates fertilization in the spring. And when you can’t wait for the blooms to appear in the garden, bring a few branches inside in late winter for an early flower show indoors.


Dwarf varieties of Forsythia are perfect for smaller yards, serving multiple purposes as hedges, ground covers, container plants, specimen plantings and for erosion control on sloped sites. Proven Winners’ Show Off®Sugar Baby® is an outstanding dwarf variety that only reaches a height of 18”-30” with a dense display of lush blooms. Bonus: it’s deer-resistant.


Other dwarf varieties to consider include Minigold, which remains a compact 16”-24” with variegated foliage, Golden Peep (20”-30” height) that has a prostrate growth habit, ideal for slopes, Happy Centennial (20”-30” height) with a 5 foot spread and Courtalyn, that’s a bit taller (2’-3’ feet) and has longer-lasting blooms than most Forsythias. Arnold’s Dwarf, Goldilocks, Gold Tide and Show Off Starlet are also great dwarf varieties to consider.


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