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Iris Versicolor – True Blue… And Purple!

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Iris Versicolor – True Blue… And Purple!

Iris is a classic spring flower in our area, and native to North America in general. “Versicolor” means “variously colored” but this particular variety limits its color variations to primarily blue and purple with attractive veining and yellow sepals.  Iris Versicolor tends to form large clumps of flowers that can grow to 2-3 feet tall on thick, creeping rhizomes, with thin, grass-shaped leaves.


This hardy bloom does well in in sun to part shade, in moist, wet soil. The plants are naturally found in sedge meadows, marshes, shores and stream banks. Iris Versicolor blooms from May-August, depending upon variety and locale. It is a naturally hardy plant that, once established, spreads by self-seeding and extension of its rhizomes. Hummingbirds love the blooms’ sweet nectar, but the plant is poisonous to pets and livestock, so be mindful of plant site location and pet accessibility.  A bit of floral folklore: the three parts of the flower have represented the attributes of wisdom, faith and courage, which in turn, has made the iris the symbol of power.


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