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Benefits of a Landscape Maintenance Service Plan

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Benefits of a Landscape Maintenance Service Plan

The Simplest Way to Handle Your Outdoor “To Do” List


After a long, cold, dreary winter, there’s nothing like getting outside and enjoying your yard again…that is unless you have a chore list for it as long as your arm. The quickest way to check off those tasks? Take advantage of our Maintenance Service Plan.


With our Maintenance Service Plan, you’ll have dedicated weekly caretakers for your landscape who’ll take care of:


Spring Clean Up – Removing all of the debris leftover from the winter to help keep garden beds free from disease and insect infestation. We’ll also re-edge garden beds to keep them neat and clean looking.


Fall Clean Up – Our schedule includes six weeks of leaf and debris cleanup and removal, plus three pruning visits to trim and maintain shrubs. On the last visit, During this time we’ll provide a final cut back of the season for all grasses and perennials.


Lawn Care – Get (and keep!) the velvety green carpet lawn of your dreams. We provide weekly mowing where we bag lawn clippings and remove all debris from the premises. Maintenance care includes a feeding/fertilization schedule, insect and disease control using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques.  We also have Organic programs available upon request.  Aerating and over seeding the lawn will help patch bare spots and ensure a plush, healthy grass.


Weeds – We perform regular weeding by either pulling them or using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to keep garden beds attractive and healthy.


Trimming – Garden beds are vertically trimmed to maintain clean edges throughout the year.


And the Extras that keep your landscape vibrant for you to enjoy:


Color Enhancements – We provide seasonal plantings of annuals for instant color in the spring and fall.


Pruning – Hedges, bushes and trees are trimmed to keep them shaped and healthy.


Rejuvenation – We’ll clean up any current unhealthy or diseased plants and install small perennials recommend and replace as needed to rejuvenate gardens and landscaping.


Mulching – Mulch is installed in the spring to enhance visual appeal and health of plant beds, and may be touched up again in the fall if needed.


Your landscape is both a place for you to enjoy and an important investment in your home. Regular, proper maintenance of your yard, gardens and trees is the most cost effective way to preserve its beauty and vitality, protect your investment, and enjoy your home’s exterior to its fullest.


So put contacting us here at Farmside Landscape & Design for a service plan on your to-do list for today, and get rid of your outdoor to-do list for good!