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How to Keep Deer From Eating Your Plants

How to Keep Deer Away From My Plants - Farmside Landscape & Design

How to Keep Deer From Eating Your Plants

What are some good ideas for deer repellent?


White tail deer – the kind most prevalent in our area – are one of the toughest and most adaptable of all deer and (unfortunately for our plants) the most voracious plant eaters. This presents a great challenge when it comes to protecting and preserving our valuable landscape plantings from being eaten. Deer are very adaptable and quickly become accustomed to a wide range of repellent products, rendering theses deterrents ineffective.


Although they are highly adaptive, deer are also very predictive and cautious, so continually changing your home’s outdoor environment is a good way to discourage them from making your yard a regular dining spot. How do we do this? By employing a combination of taste, smell and fear deterrents, changed every month, so the deer won’t be able to adapt to a particular repellent.


Once a month, we’ll treat all plant materials on your property that are susceptible to deer feeding. In addition to attending to your plantings, we’ll also treat known or obvious entry paths onto your property, such as a trail in the woods on the edge of your property. All of the deer repellent products we utilize use organic or nature-based ingredients. Listed below are examples of some common ingredients in the repellent products we use:


  • Mint Oil
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Garlic
  • Egg
  • Blood Meal
  • Cloves
  • Peppermint
  • Red Pepper
  • Hot sauce


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The Farmside Landscape & Design Lawn and Plant Healthcare Team

The Farmside Landscape & Design Lawn and Plant Healthcare Team


Main image photo credit: White Tail Fawn – paulbr75 on PixaBay