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Designed for Enjoyment – Part 2 – Pergolas

Pergolas | Farmside Landscape & Design

Designed for Enjoyment – Part 2 – Pergolas

Last week we shared the outdoor living enjoyment with Fire Pits this week we’ll be sharing with you the great outdoor living in the exterior space of a Pergola or structure in your landscape.


Like fire pits, a pergola is another feature you can add to your landscape to extend your time enjoying the outdoors and add value to your home. Light, airy and inviting, a pergola creates a space in your yard under which you can dine or simply relax. A pergola can either be attached to your home, or freestanding, and can stand on its own as an architectural structure or function as a beautiful base for landscape features such as flowers, vines, planters and more.


Defined Space – A pergola helps create a visually defined space for dining/entertaining. You can leave the structure open or add curtains or screening for additional privacy or protection from pesky pests.


Pergolas | Farmside Landscape & DesignShady Places – Pergolas can provide any level of shade you want – from dappled shade from latticed rafters to more complete coverage from plants or vines forming a natural awning, to total shade from light-blocking fabrics and materials.


Growing gains – Small yard space? A pergola lets you garden vertically, and is a perfect structure for climbing plants like ivy, wisteria, clematis, hops—even grapes!


Just Your Type – Pergolas typically fall into two categories: flat or skillion-roofed, or gable-roofed, and are sized to fit your needs, whether you’re looking for something very small to add a bit of shade and charm to your door step, to an elaborate outdoor living space.


Flat or skillion roofs can give you the flexibility of adding a roof covering that can include lighting and fans.


Pergolas | Farmside Landscape & DesignGabled roofs permit better air flow, and offer design interest such as roof pitches that mimic or complement your home’s structure, or false and dutch gables for added charm.


Bonus Info: So what’s the difference between a pergola and a gazebo? Gazebos are 8-sided structures with a solid roof, typically found in traditional French or English style gardens.


What to Consider – A well-planned pergola will take into account factors such as sun and wind orientation, functional purpose, existing plantings such as trees, and possible obstructions or hazards.


Which Material to Choose – Pergolas are typically constructed from either wood or metal such as steel or aluminum. Wood provides a beautiful, warm, traditional look, while metals offer a sleek, modern vibe. Aluminum is best used on pergolas attached directly to the home rather than as stand-alone structures.


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