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Pool Landscaping Tips

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Pool Landscaping Tips

Whether you have an existing pool or are looking to add one to your home, how the area around it is landscaped can greatly enhance both its beauty and your enjoyment of it.


Here at Farmside Landscape & Design, we can help you with every aspect of your pool landscaping project—whether it’s creating a landscape to include a new pool, integrating a fresh landscape with an existing pool, or including other hardscape and design elements (think hot tubs, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, waterfalls). Here are some thought-starters to get you on your path to your dream pool landscape.


  • Let your lifestyle set the tone of your pool landscape design. Will this be a family gather space with kids, pets, lots of activities and family gatherings, or do you dream of a serene escape where you can get away from it all?
  • Which existing elements do you want to keep (current pool, outdoor kitchen, landscape grading) which will go (existing plantings, old hot tub, cabana) which ones would you like to add (new pool, delineated activity areas, better design flow, lighting, additional water features, pool item storage). View our website, browse Pinterest, search online and check out magazines, etc., to find ideas on what appeals to you.
  • Some basic pool landscaping tips for plantings include choosing plants that are low maintenance, don’t leave a lot of debris that can wind up in the pool, are people-friendly (thornless, don’t attract bees) and “do their intended job”, whether that’s to add privacy, color, softness or drama.
  • Evergreens can make great privacy screens. Arborvitae, Blue and Norway Spruces and Boxwoods are terrific options to consider.
  • Ornamental grasses such as Fountain Grass, Fescue, Giant Reed, certain Bamboos and Lemongrass can also make beautiful screens.
  • Think potted plants for pops of color. Sedum, Geranium, Agapanthus, and Pink Muhly Grass all add stunning color. Groups of these pots placed together throughout the area add visual balance and continuity.
  • When it comes to dramatic impact, consider pots of Canna, Hibiscus, and Birds of Paradise for landscaping beauty.


Want more ideas about how to create the pool scape of your dreams? Call or email us here at Farmside, today!