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Winter Safety Tips - Farmside Landscape & Design

Preventing Slips and Falls in Winter

Warning: Slippery When Winter—Keeping Surfaces Safe

Snow-filled parking lots, icy walkways and steps, wet slippery surfaces—winter can bring a host of challenges and hazards for you and your commercial business. Clearing lots, sidewalks, entryways and steps of snow and ice and keeping them safe for employees and customers to use is imperative. A slip or fall can result in injury that could leave you at risk for litigation, employee compensation claims and/or absences, a damaged reputation and loss of business.


Here are some safety tips to consider when winter weather strikes:


Hire A Certified Accredited Snow Contractor Association Professional

Don’t just hire anyone to clear your property of snow and ice, consider hiring a certified Accredited Snow Contractor Association (ASCA) snow removal professional (like Farmside!) Here’s why; ASCA is recognized by insurance companies and government agencies as the benchmark standard for the industry.


ASCA-accreditation requires completion of a 10-hour course that includes testing and a yearly a review by an external auditor. The course has proven to decrease risk for insurance and property managers.


Hiring a certified-ASCA professional ensures the company you’re contracting with has the proper systems and quality controls in place to provide superior results. Key standards include formal pre-season site assessments that outline potential risk areas, post-storm check-ins and proper documentation of completed work. ASCA-certified professionals are fully-insured for your protection, and committed to work that is done on time, cleanly and properly.


Highlight Slippery Areas

Problem icing areas such as wooden steps, incline ramps and areas affected by melting snow (and subsequent freezing) should be marked with a caution sign to alert pedestrians of potential hazards.


Be Prepared

Have a bag of salt or ice melt inside your building for emergencies. When the weather is particularly bad, or when weather changes quickly, your service provider may be delayed. You want to ensure your property conditions are as safe as possible ASAP.


Look Up

We find that a majority of icing problems are caused by faulty gutters and ice damming. Cleaning your gutters and ensuring that they’re working properly is essential. Large icicles and icefalls can form from blocked gutters. These can then fall on the pavement, causing hazardous walking conditions and/or serious injury in the event they fall and strike a person below.


Don’t take chances when it comes to keeping your property safe this winter. Call us at Farmside to learn more about how our snow removal and risk management expertise!