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Spring Shape Up For The Garden

Spring Shape Up For The Garden

A series of March snowstorms have certainly impacted our landscapes. Along with the usual stress of ice, salted pavements and freezes and thaws, the late season snows were heavy and came with high winds typical of nor’easter storms. These caused considerable damage to many trees and shrubs, from broken branches to total uprootings. As we get ready to head outdoors again with warmer weather coming, now’s the perfect time to take an inventory of your landscape to see what needs to be cleaned up, fixed, replaced and refreshed:


Lawns –Take a look around and see if there are dead or bare patches. Many turf diseases that start in fall, over-winter only to emerge in spring. Lawn areas that adjacent to sidewalks, driveways and pathways may have suffered damage from rock salt applied to paved surfaces. It may be time for turf aeration, de-thatching, seeding and fertilizing.


Trees and Shrubs – Storms have left a swath of broken branches and uprooted trees and shrubs. It’s vital to cleanly trim damaged and split limbs to help ensure the survival and health of these trees and shrubs so they’re less susceptible to disease and pest infestation. Consider if it’s time for maintenance pruning for trees and/or replacement of damaged shrubs.


General Grounds – Rake and clean up leaves, dead branches and other organic matter to help avoid disease and pest infestation. Weeds start to appear, so tend to these early on and determine if mulch needs to be refreshed. If you haven’t had your soil tested now’s a good time to do so and learn if it needs to be balanced or fed more nutrients.


Hardscapes – Freeze and thaw cycles, ice, chemicals in rock salt, impact from snow blowers and shovels can all wreck havoc on walkways, driveways, paths, walls and fences. Take a good look to see if there are cracks, chips, missing sections, weakened spots, or sections that have heaved up out of their original settings. Tending to these repairs or replacements early will prevent worsening or additional damage.


Pools and Ponds – Check liners for any tears or damage. Clean ponds and pools of plant debris or other organic matter. Start pumps and filters again and test waters for proper pH levels. When water temperatures reach about 50 degrees, this is the time to feed, divide or replace pond plants.


We’re here to help you get your outdoor space in spring-ready shape for you to enjoy—call us today so we can get started right away so you won’t miss a minute of outdoor living!