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Plant Health Care – How To Maintain Healthy Plantings

Plant Healthcare - Farmside Landscape & Design

Plant Health Care – How To Maintain Healthy Plantings

Your home’s landscape is both an investment and source of enjoyment, so taking care of it and keeping it healthy just makes sense. Farmside offers a variety of different Plant Health Care programs for trees, shrubs and perennial plantings based on the number and variety of plant you have.


Starting From the Ground Up – Soil Amendment Program

Your landscape’s soil is essential to the health of all of your plantings, which is why we test it for proper pH and nutrient balance. If need be, we can provide amendments through various method to ensure your plantings have the best foundation for robust health and growth.


Plant Healthcare For Your Landscape - Farmside Landscape & DesignIntegrated Pest Management (IPM) – Targeted Treatment Program

IPM is an approach to pest management that focuses on sustainable, science-based processes that combine physical, biological and chemical tools in ways that minimize environmental and health risks. Often, a property has only a few problematic plants that need treatment. We develop a treatment program that typically includes 2-4 treatments at times that optimize the effectiveness of the treatments.


Keep Kids & Pets Safe with Our Tick Control Program

While we often think of ticks in wooded areas, they can also be found in foundation plantings, ground covers, woodpiles, rock walls or unmaintained grass. By clearing away leaf litter and trimming limbs from shrubs and trees to keep them away from the ground, you can reduce tick habitats naturally, then we can treat other vulnerable areas throughout the year to minimize tick infestations.


Enjoy Outdoor Gatherings with Site Preparations

As more of us gather together outside, especially for events like weddings or graduation parties, you don’t want to have your get together ruined by pesky mosquitoes or gnats. We can treat your yard several days before your event with organic and low-odor pest controls to protect you and your guests.

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