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Garden Color Schemes – Tertiary Colors

Bonanza Harmony Marigold - Farmside Landscape & Design

Garden Color Schemes – Tertiary Colors

Tertiary colors are the hues that sit between secondary and primary colors on the color wheel. These color options offer a chance to experiment with garden color undertones. Options include yellows tinted with green, reds that glow with orange and blues that shift into a violet realm. These options make for vibrant color varieties for your garden!


Adjacent colors can really affect how these hues appear in the garden. Where a yellow-green plant placed within a true green backdrop may read as yellow, the same plant situated alongside true, butter-yellow plantings will appear greener in contrast. Check out some of these triad color garden palettes using plantings that fall into tertiary hues:


Blue-Violet, Red-Orange, and Yellow-Green Garden Color Options

  • Blue-Violet – Baptisia “Blueberry Sundae”
  • Red-Orange – Impatiens – “Orange Infinity”
  • Yellow-Green – Heuchera “Apple Twist”


Red-Violet, Yellow-Orange, and Blue-Green Garden Color Options

  • Red-Violet –Viola “Sorbet Carmine Rose”
  • Yellow-Orange – Marigold “Queen Sophia”
  • Blue-Green – Hosta “Canadian Blue”


Main image above was captured at Farmside Gardens.